Freedom and censorship

So many scary and new things happening over the past year and as a parent, it brings whole new sets of questions, debates and dilemmas. With each new crisis, we as parents, have to learn how to endure, navigate and stay strong for not only ourselves, but for our families and children as well. A pandemic, a lockdown, a quarantine, curfews, masks, shut downs and the uncertain all compile and stress. Throw in freedoms being taken away and add in severe censorship and it seems like we are in a different world some days.

Where do we draw a line for safety in regards to our freedoms and rights? At what point, do we stand up against tyrannical censorship and being silenced in large masses? Where do “We the People” come back into play and we fight to keep our rights and freedoms? At some point, these freedoms we have taken for granted and hoped to see our children have and enjoy, are quickly being taken and grabbed at. I know this will fall differently on different sets of ears, as some families are comfortable trading their rights and freedoms and being locked down, if they feel they are “safer”. Where as some other families, feel very uncomfortable trading freedoms and their lives for a bit a safety and won’t be ruled by fear and some will maybe fall somewhere in between. Whatever your stance is and where ever your safety level, panic level or comfort level is, where do you draw the line and say “NO MORE”? That is the question that I , myself and I am sure, many other people and families are struggling with.

I greatly fear that once we give an inch, a mile will be taken. I greatly fear that once we give up certain freedoms, they will be even harder to get back. I greatly fear that once we let the government, Big Pharma etc. decide for us, that it will be just that much harder to break free. I greatly fear that the world and childhoods we knew growing up, will no longer exist for our children.

Severe social media censorship on almost every platform across the board, is destroying free thought, unbiased flow of information and threatening our fundamental rights to freedom of thought and speech. It needs to be reined in, and quickly, before it grows to a monster, none of us are strong enough to fight alone. People need to focus and concentrate on ending censorship and retaining our right to express ourselves freely and without fear of back lash, censorship or being shut down or shadow banned. This is a growing giant, gaining momentum and it is a threat to our way of life and our country. I do not want my children to live in fear of cancel culture, biased information media, censorship where if they write and express an opinion or a thought that they are shut down, taken down, cancelled, bullied or shadow banned. I don’t want their thoughts, ideas, information, creative notions, opinions, or even facts that they may hold,, blocked and hidden. People are being shut down at unprecedented rates, even when they hold truth, facts, ideas and even evidence. We are being fed a pre-planned, false and biased narrative for others agendas and it is creating a generation where we, the people, are being silenced and oppressed, unable to either spread the truth or be shown the truth. When do we stand collectively, as a force and say “NO MORE”? Free and unimpeded speech is a critical and necessary component of a functioning free society, which is why tyrannical politicians and leaders throughout time have wanted to stamp it out and end it. We as a society, are fianlly starting to awaken and realize how great this threat is to this most fundamental of rights we have…freedom. I would love to hear others thoughts, concerns and worries and know where you stand on some of these issues. Feel free to comment or email us! As always please like, subscribe and share- The Big Family Experience

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