Fishing With Dad

I’m a mom to six girls and it amazes me how different each and every single one of our girls are. We have three older girls and three younger girls and they are all super different in their interest for the most part. When our older three were younger we thought that they would think, it was fun to go fishing and we thought we would have fun teaching them how to fish. We envisioned a beautifully warm sunny day and all of us skipping out and heading to our favorite park to fish (catch and release). We thought the girls would think it was so cool to learn how to put bait on the hook and cast out and that we would have a nice time joking and talking, while we waited for those elusive fish to finally fall prey to our baited hooks. We envisioned the girls looks of awe on their faces and excited screams as they reeled in their first catches and happy photo moments…boy were we wrong. Instead we got the girls whining there were bugs and daddy-long-legs crawling in the grass, where we set up our fishing area. They refused to set on the river bank and refused to sit on the picnic blanket and would only sit on the camping chairs that I had to go back to the car and lug back to our site. They refused to touch the worms and thread the hooks because it was oh so gross, then they refused to use an alternative to the worm bait (our go to…hot dog pieces!) because the worms had already touched the hooks. They got easily bored while waiting for the fish to bite and when they did bite and got reeled in (by us I might add), it was not looks of awe and excited screams we got, but screams of terror. The girls ran from the fish on the end of the line and absolutely did not want to remove it off of the hook or even come close to it. After two hours of this, we decided to pack it in and call it an early day and head back home. It was disappointing and comical at the same time and memories were made, just not the ones we had thought would be made lol.

Fast forward to our younger three and they are all excited to go fishing and go on a fishing trip to the ocean and coastal rivers. They are not afraid to bait a hook, they love casting and they sit patiently and excitedly as they wait for their tip of their pole to bob down, indicating they may have a fish! They jump up ecstatically and reel in their catch, anxious to see what is at the end of the line. They still wont take any fish off of the hook and they are a bit too young to do it, but they don’t run, but examine with curious eyes and proud smiles on their faces. It is a whole new experience and a new set of memories being made and we love it. We love watching their faces and the smiles they can’t seem to wipe off while spending time together as a family.

The fact that they are so curious about nature and the world we live in is heart warming. We love that they like to explore and venture out into the world surrounding them. We are so enthused and captivated by their innocent curiosity  that we are planning a summer trip, where for two weeks we will go explore beaches, alligator farms, wild life reserves, go on manatee and dolphin cruises and of course fishing trips! We can’t wait to share our adventure and trip with our readers and we hope you have fun viewing our adventure. If you would like to get the pole that our younger ones seem to like the most and the easiest we have found to travel with here is link youth beginner fishing pole set .This is a cool set that is telescopic and comes with a convenient carrying case as well as a reel and fishing lure sets for young kids and beginners (as a disclaimer, we may receive a very small commission from any purchases). Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more stories and adventures…

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