Blogger Style


Blogging was always a dream of mine, but I never quite had the time, or wasn’t quite sure how to start or where to start. Heck, I wasn’t even sure if I could come up with enough content to even do a whole blog. The idea was scary and intimidating to me. What if people hated my blog? What if they didn’t like my writing or what I was writing about? What if people were “mean and judgey”, could I take the criticism? I wasn’t so sure, after all, people can be keyboard warriors and can be cruel, forgetting that there is a real, live person on the other end. Finally, after much debate, I decided to do my research and jump in. I decided that this was my life and I can’t let the fear of what others will think, say or do, hold me back from my love of writing.

I looked around on where to host and thought about a name and went with it. I, on average spend about 5 to 6 hours a week minimum, thinking of content and writing. I do not really have a set schedule and for those bloggers that can have set schedules to work and write…more power to ya! I have to get in blogging where ever and when ever I can. With a large family and smaller kids and other business stuff going on, it can be chaotic and hard at times to find the time. I often try sneak away when they kids take a quick nap, that is,  I can get the two younger ones down at the actual same time. My other option is to wait when my husband gets home at night and I can hand the kids off for a bit to get my work done.  So although my time is limited, I still make an effort to make the time to blog. I have many drafts of ideas, sitting in my “back office” just waiting to be re-visited and finished. I find that when I get an idea for a good story or something happens that I think my readers will find interesting, funny or of value, then I like to quick sit own and at least develop a draft so it holds my thought. I still find myself constantly learning, revamping  and trying to evolve my writing and my blogging.

I can honestly say following your passions, setting goals for yourself are one of the best things you can do for yourself. Investing into yourself, your dreams, doing what you love, whether it’s as a hobby or a full-time career, it is important to do. It is so easy to let our dreams die off, to extinguish our passions. To let other people hold us back or manipulate us into letting go of what we may desire to accomplish. We get so caught up either in our pasts, or our daily busy lives or we worry too much about what other people are going to think or say, that it inhibits us and what we do and we are crazy for it. I took flack for wanting to start a CBD business to help people, I took sideways looks when I told people that I wanted to become a published author, I got laughed at when I said I wanted to do a blog and was told not to put myself out there and so on and for a while I listened. I let the negativity of others affect me and almost stop me from doing what I wanted. I had to get into a different mindset and start building myself up and start taking chances, if I wanted to accomplish and do what I wanted in my life. So I jumped into to all these things and I am having a blast while doing it and learning as I go. It is fun having these new experiences, it is cool to watch and feel myself grow in this businesses and hobbies. I feel like I have taken my life back and that my friends, is a really good feeling. So I would encourage my readers, to never stop dreaming, never stop pursuing our goals and never let anyone else inhibit or stop you from being passionate about what excites you.


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