Scrambled Egg Breakfast Wrap


This is a yummy and relatively quick and hearty breakfast that you can make and take on the go with you.

What you will need: Pack of tortillas (we used corn tortillas for this recipe, but you can use flour as well), Carton of eggs. shredded cheese ( cheddar or sharp cheddar are best, but you can use whatever cheese floats your boat ;)), Ham, Vegetable Oil, Salt and Pepper


Scramble eggs as you prefer in a pan

Heat just a little oil in another pan and place corn tortillas in oil and brown to desired texture on both sides.

When tortillas are done add eggs, cheese and ham ( or whatever meat you’d like).  Wrap and roll it up and take it  to go if needed. You can also wrap stuffed tortillas up in foil and take with you to keep warm.

*Tip-Tortillas are good dipped in salsa and/or sour cream. Feel free to add whatever ingredients you like, some good ones are: avocado, tomato, lettuce, sautéed mushrooms and onion and so on. This is quick, simple and able to be packed up and taken on the go!

*Tip- Make extra of both tortillas and eggs and other desired ingredients, make up extra wraps. Then wrap extra made ones in foil and stick in fridge for next morning and kids can quickly grab, unwrap, heat for 45 seconds in microwave next day (or just throw in oven still wrapped in foil when you get up for about 10 to 15 minutes on 350 and have them ready when its time to quickly grab breakfast). Saves time in the morning when you are rushed and saves you a day of fully cooking breakfast.

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