A Big Family

If you have a big family, you need to follow a large family blog. A big family blog can be full of advice, tips, life advice, stories you can relate to and support. Having a large number of kids can cast a lonely feeling because having a larger family is not as popular, as it once was. Finding people who can relate to your struggles can be a struggle, in itself.

We sometimes hesitate to talk about our problems while raising large families and can feel alienated talking to those with fewer to no children. Our daily schedules, our daily budgets, our daily running around are not the same when we have multiple kids to tote around.  Being a parent to any number of children is a hard task, but being a parent to a larger number of kids is a small feat lol.

Being a parent is a constant hustle…who needs what and who has to be where and when. When you have 2 or more children that all have to be some where at the same time or you have several kids that all need something at the same time, it can get downright stressful and overwhelming. It gets hard juggling your work ( whether its at home or at a job out of the home), your kids school schedules, their daily activities, their homework, then add in sports ( don’t even get me going on sport schedules and practices…), dentist appointments, physicals, doctor appointments, eye appointments, conferences, birthday parties, class parties, PTA, recitals, plays, parent information nights and as a parent, you know that list goes on and on. It gets tough and you can feel alone and cut off because life keeps you so busy at times. That’s why it is nice to have a blog you can log onto or subscribe to and take a break for yourself. Take the time to read a blog post or two and know that you are not alone. Know that there are other parents going through what you are going through, and see they are struggling to do it all as well. Take a second to relate or laugh at a funny story and refresh and know that we are all in this parenting thing together. It is comforting to know that if we take the time to stop and look, we can find a source of support here, RIGHT HERE to be exact.

I look at parenthood as a “club”, a club that is all inclusive. If you are a parent, you struggle at times. Period.  Some may not admit it, others may speak freely about struggling at times.  Some parents may struggle more than others, some have more or less kids, some have more money, some have less. Some have more help, some have no help at all. Some parents are a single parent and some have mates that help out and pitch in…but despite any circumstances, I have found that almost all parents understand the struggle and tasks of raising kids. It is a lot of work raising a family, but it is a job we do with love. We love our kids, we love our families, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stressful or overwhelming at times. I know there are days that I sail through this parenting thing and think how lucky I am, then there are days when I cringe thinking about all that has to get done. Somedays, the tasks at hand seem insurmountable and I sit here wondering how I will get them all done or I try to figure out what I can bump to another day. Some days my family and I have fabulous fun days, with little to no hiccups, then there are days where nothing seems to go right and I want to cry over a glass of wine, but no matter what my day is like, I do take comfort in knowing that there are other parents that can relate and that I am NOT alone. It can be very easy to  feel alienated and alone when kids keep you so busy, when family and home life keep you so busy. You miss out on things going on outside of your bubble, you don’t have time to talk to friends as much as you would like to, you miss ladies nights or girls nights…or even guys nights out…am I right moms and dads? Heck we even miss out on nights with our own spouses. I know that there have been plenty of nights where my husband and I have barely had time to even hold a conversation, or take a shower, let alone even find the time for other “adult things”. That is why I personally feel it is nice to have a blog where one can reach out, connect, relate and have other adults to talk to or listen…it is important to our mental sanity….well at least to mine lol. So hang in there moms and dads, you are doing a great job, even on the days where you feel you may not be.

As always, please feel free to converse, leave a comment, ask advice or even just vent ;). The only stipulation is that we ask those who respond to be polite and supportive. Thank you all for reading and please make sure you follow our blog at  thebigfamilyexperience.com

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